To color

      靈感來源於Maciek Jasik的Food+Future影片,運用刻意的燈光投射,讓色彩的心理效應及物理光刺激對人的生理發生的直接影響,給予畫面或生命更多的可能性和深層性,如雪地中彩色的煙霧讓死白的世界裡增添元素,讓這樣的衝擊性抓住觀者的視角,進而跟隨創作者的故事鋪陳前進,就像是觀賞電影般地刺激而吸引人的目光,更是增添期待感的飽和度,此外也運用「象徵性」的物件顏色作為中心點,例如帽子或是圍巾,給予整體畫面更多的焦點和延展性,就像是軸心環繞主軸向前,那麼視覺及聽覺上搭配的衝擊性便會增強許多。


       to color將顏色從名詞轉為動詞,光對於攝影而言是最重要的外在元素,進而影響出顏色變化的營造,色彩的差異擁有上萬種,而每一種濃度和明度都會給予截然不同的感受,因此我們不行將其統一為某種色彩,而是應該如色票一般明確指出哪種統一的顏色,我也希望將此主題發展出往後的系列作品,藉由本身的經歷和定義來表現想說的故事。

I make the “Color” become my main idea to connect on each image. One solid color is a core of each project,and I try to make difference in saturation and luminance to affect my set of image. That make the “Color” not only a noun but an action. It will represent by how I want it to be and define by me. Human is always subjective. I hope I can break everyone’s old fashion mindset through my work. It just like how filter change people’s mind in colors, and the way how it effect the image and also using it as a tool. This is the concept how I want my work to become, and express my idea and my purpose. For me, Image is a controllable item to present it. There is never an absolute answer to everything. “The peach was once a bitter almond.” said Mark Twain. Peach grew in a fairly limited range in dry, but beside that peach was define as a symbol of holy spirit in ancient china. Local magistrates would cut peach wood branches and place them over their doors to protects against evil influences. For another example, apple was define as forbidden fruit when it came to Adam and Eve, but it was also define as safe and health in china.Therefore, I hope I can change the definition of everything through my photograph.

“To Color” make the color from a noun to an action. Light is an essential element in photography, it affects colors. There are hundreds of thousands of difference in colors, and each color will give the viewer an unique experience by color density and  luminance. I’m not going to use the name of a solid color like blue , red ….etc, I will try to give the viewer a range of color like the way how people use color swatches to select the color accurately. I’m also planing to make this project not only one chapter but a series, and to tell others how I define everything from my point of view and my experience.